Create a Vision Board for the 2nd Half of the Year

Part 2 in a series on creating a vision for the rest of the year. Read the first post here.

An early morning June breeze blows through the window. The romantic music of the 2009 Pride & Prejudice movie plays softly.

The envelope of words has been poured on the floor. Three packets of paper lay beside them. I flip through the papers, stopping on the earthy, neutral tones that have just an edge of gold to them.

But then the pink and plum floral paper catches my eye. That’s what is in my heart and mind right now. It’s energetic and romantic with a bit of excitement and adventure.

A few pictures are printed off. The glue gun is plugged in. I grab the cement glue and glue stick too. A few hours later and the revised vision board is coming together. I still have the original board I created in January, but to be honest, a stirring in my soul drew me to creating something new. Perhaps it was simply the desire to play with paper, ideas, dreams, and thoughts.

Many of those things were the frustrations of friends, colleagues, and others in various circles in my life. Were they right? Is this whole year a waste? Is there a way to bring restoration in the broken places?

Perhaps you too have been inundated with an almost overwhelming since of negativity. There are other voices to listen to as well. One of the things I’ve thought over and over during this time is that we will need an awful lot of people willing to participate in the healing, building and restorative process.

Perhaps you are like me. I’ve always thought my place in the world was to add to the beauty. Beauty brings healing and hope.

And it can be incredibly difficult to keep working towards the good things while balancing the tension of the hard.

In this blog post, I share the second of three ways to plan the rest of the year and focus in on the things that are in our power to do: create a vision/prayer board. Last week we explored the fun of painting our dreams and prayers in this post.

Back to that vision/prayer board….

A few hours later and the poster is finished, very bright and very full, still upbeat in spite of everything that has happened this year.

It’s a bit of a beautiful mess.

This poster is more faith filled, meaning that even though I’m sure of the directions I’m heading in, the “how” is a bit up in the air. I’d returned from Uganda in January and was full of plans and hopes and dreams. Ironically, I’d had less faith and more grit at that time than here in June when doubt and uncertainty seem to have vomited over everything in our lives.

I wrote about creating vision boards with friends earlier this year. That was a fun night together with good food, laughter and a beautiful mess of paper spread out everywhere over the living room floor. I’d never created a vision board in a group setting quite like that. We all had high hopes and big dreams for the year, and we cut and wrote and pasted with a good amount of boldness and confidence.

But this time, I needed to work alone, in the quiet of my room and the early hours of the morning.

Create a Sense of Joyful Expectation

We’ve got a half a year left and a lot of living to do. While there may be nothing to be done to salvage some of the damage that’s been done, there might be no better time than to sit down, consider what’s in our hearts and what our time and energy and resources might be spent on for the rest of the year.

Wrestling through issues with paper and words and art and three different types of glue are one way I process and work through things in the world. You might be like that too.

Summer is a beautiful time to slow down, take stock of the first portion of the year, search out our hearts, dream, and plan for a bit. It’s a great time to get off the phone and computer and allow our hearts and souls to show up a bit.

If you’re feeling a bit drained of energy and desire, perhaps lingering over one of these three creative, vision-inspiring projects will help your heart, your vision and your movement in the latter half of the year.

How to Create a Vision Board with 6 Months Left of the Year

Here’s the nus and bolts for how I create a vision / prayer board. For me, what was a vision has turned into a group of things I started praying about a lot, thus the shift in the name. Call it what you would like!

Here’s what I do: Get into a quiet place that will let you think and dream a bit. I like to have a cup of tea or coffee with some quiet instrumental music on in the background. I’ve been enjoying Pride & Prejudice 2009 sound track lately.

Spend about thirty minutes cutting out images, words that resonate with what you would like the rest of the year to look like. What is in your heart to do? If you can’t find images, write them down on paper. I include folds to capture some written items I couldn’t find in the images I had.

Grab a poster board. It does NOT need to be a full size poster board. It could be a half or quarter size.

Arrange a background first.

Suggestion: Be choosy with the color you pick. What do you need the rest of the year? Blues are a good color for rest, calmness, thinking. Pink is a nurturing color. It can also have a fun, romantic, playful energy (the brighter shades). Yellow is a warm, happy, excitement. Red’s passionate, fiery, ambitious mood will be what some people are moving towards right now while others prefer a more calm and thoughtful arrangement of earth tones to represent the rest of the year.

Pray over it. One of the reasons I really like to have a quiet attitude is so I can pray. Many people write out their visions on paper and it’s a process that takes several hours. These vision/prayer boards are my way of writing out goals and vision. Sometimes it is for a longer bit of time and other times it is for six months, like the one I created this morning.

Okay, I like to get everything on, then take everything off and start gluing the background.

(I take a picture of the board with my phone, so I don’t forget where things are supposed to go.)

After the background is on, I began to adhere the images and words. I reorganize them a bit. Larger pictures I keep on the outside to create a border. Ideally, my eye travels around the poster in a certain direction.

Are there things already in motion this year? Add those things on to the board too. Creating a stationery line was not on my radar when this year started. Once I started moving in this direction, other things fell into place as well. I added “started a stationery line” onto the board to a) encourage me in this small accomplishment and b) add in next steps for the next few launches coming out later this year.

(Do you enjoy mailing encouraging, color-drenched cards to others? You may love The Vibrant Collection. Check out each of the designs on The Creative Season shop, the Etsy shop.)

Are you beginning to feel a sense of excitement, of expectation for what the rest of the year may hold? I hope so. We need people who have a vision of beauty, healing, and wholeness for the future, for us as individuals and for the larger society. We need those with an artistic, creative heart to continue to pursue what is in their hearts.

Now what?

After I’ve thought through what I’ve put on the vision board, I start to create action plans and goals from the specific things I’ve put on this board.

One example is the stationery line. I realized this was a wonderful way to expand my business in a way that many people are interested in. One of the items (I included a couple ‘flip’ pages on the board) are three more stationery lines for 2020. Next steps will be planning those out: dates/times/artwork….all of that is going into the visual journal (coming next week!).

Interested in other styles of vision boards? I write about how to get unstuck by using collage style vision board in this post a few years ago, how to create vision boards with friends earlier this year and even creating a Christmas vision board to focus on holiday priorities and avoid Christmas fatigue.