Festive & Affordable Christmas Art to Create a Cozy Home for the Holidays

When I first started decorating for Christmas, not a corner went unmarked by the season! It was kind of like Christmas had thrown up everywhere in the home! I loved it, but it was a bit much. As the years go by, I’ve started being a bit more selective about what I put out.

It’s not necessary to put every ornament and piece of décor out each year. Instead of putting it all out, I decorate and accentuate my home with how I want it to look and feel this year, for myself and for those who I will be welcoming in over the next several weeks.

One of the ways I love to celebrate and commemorate the season is by inviting into my home a new piece of décor. Recently, instead of going to the store, I’m seeking out art from other artists I’ve had the gift of meeting and becoming acquainted with.

In recent years, more artists are creating lovely, affordable Christmas art.

It’s not only art for your walls. These women turn their artistic skills into décor, ornaments and beautiful art for your walls.

Some are more traditionalists, but these friends of mine create gorgeous art that is a little bit off the beaten bath when it comes to traditional colors and styles.

At the very bottom, I’ve included some pictures of my latest Christmas collection.

Take a look at these lovely women: Erin deRush, Eryn Carlisle, Bethany Joy and Amy Woods. Give them some love on social, and if something catches your eye, check out their online stores. I’ve included lots of links to find them in all the places!

Merry Christmas season and may your home be full of all the feelings, sounds and scents of the holiday.

*Note: Click on their names to go directly to their instagram feeds.

Bethany Joy

Your Instagram feed will light up with joy and cheer when Bethany’s post and stories come through! She has a natural way of infusing everyday life with color and happiness. Her art is an extension of her joy.

Bethany’s Christmas ornaments sell out quickly. If you’d like to peruse the new ornaments for the year, go to her online store here.

She has several prints, ornaments and other festive art to decorate your tree and home with.

Follow Bethany on Instagram and get on her email list for updates, coupons and a little bit of color-filled joy in your inbx!

Eryn Carlisle

I’m absolutely in love with the Nutcracker inspired, Christmas art and décor from Eryn this year!

Eryn has been designing for years (her children’s line of bedding is so cute), but this year she added something new: her first holiday collection.

The nutcracker is my fave.

Eryn and I met in an online class several years ago and I’m thankful we’ve stayed in touch! She is living a life of adventure in so many ways (including a move to Belgium this year with her hubby and two littles). Follow her on Instagram to see her latest creations, both art and home décor.

Eryn is offering free shipping on all orders.  Find the entire holiday collection here.

Erin DeRusha

Erin makes gorgeous custom signs for every season of the year.

Right now she will create Christmas themed signs for your home – whatever you’d like it to say – plus she has some fun Christmas collections.

We met in Jeanne Oliver’s workshop early this year. I love her enthusiasm, kindness and passion from the get-go. Erin shares her zest for love through creating word art for you home.

Check out her gorgeous signs for indoors and outdoors on Instagram here. Erin creates custom signs; scroll through her IG feed and stories to see the variety.

Amy Woods

Amy creates beautiful watercolors. I’ve been a long time admirer of her work, but when she came out with a vibrant, reverent watercolor of the Nativity and baby Jesus last year, it took my breath away.

Amy boldly used a lot of dark to create a take-your-breath-away beautiful rendition of the baby Jesus and a precious lamb.

She has created gorgeous Christmas cards of the art. There is a Christmas book as well along with other Christmas themed art.

Be sure to peek at Amy’s incredible floral notecards created from her original work!

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AmyWoodsWatercolors

Go directly to Amy’s site for workshops, original art and more: Amy Woods Watercolors Website.

Melissa AuClair

You can see the new ‘Merry and Bright’ Collection in the shop, but I wanted to include a few photos here.

I used about five colors to create the ‘Merry & Bright’ collection, a collection of contemporary ‘feels’ of modern Christmas trees along with scenes from the original Christmas celebration thousands of years ago. The themes of peace, love and the desire for hope is as relevant today as they were so long ago.

It’s amazing thing to me: with all that has changed, the desires of our heart remain the same. How much I want to experience love, laughter, wonder and celebration in my own life and bring others into this experience as well.

You can shop all the ‘Merry and Bright’ Christmas Collection here.


Here’s to a wonderful season of creating warm and festive spaces for our families and friends!