Hooray! The New Website is Here. New Things for You to Know!

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It’s always fun to get a remodel, right?



Easy to navigate.

Elegant and encouraging.

These were some of the words in my mind as the new website came together. So much of life is a blend of the practical + beautiful, at least in my mind.

While I’ve been thankful to hodgepodge my way through building a website for the past few years, it came time this year for a pro to rebuild and redesign the site that worked well.

Alli Worthington, a podcaster and author, says “with God and Google you can take over the world.” Well, yes, but Google can only get you so far! With so many resources, all of us can achieve ‘semi-techy’ status, but then a professional is needed.

Enter Noelle Mena, a website designer and artist who figured out what wasn’t working, fixed it and redesigned the site! You can find Noelle on Instagram and enjoy her gorgeous artwork.

I hope the new format and look inspire you.

Thank you for being patient with the process and for letting me know when things weren’t working!

The second half of the year (I can’t believe I’m writing that, where is 2019 going?) is going to have new courses, art collections and inspirational ideas to help you add more beauty and creativity in your life. It’s going to be so fun to unveil them! Stay tuned for more.

In the meantime…..

A few things to point out about the site:

  • To take any classes, you do need to create a login. This is easy, I promise! You can go here to do it. Whenever you come to the site and login, all classes (both purchased and free) will show up on your customized login page. All you need to enter is an email address, your first name and a password. That’s it!
  • If you’ve already created a login, there is no need to do anything! Your login works. If you have any trouble accessing your account page, go here for assistance. Let us know what’s wrong in the message box and someone will get in touch with you within 24 hours during Monday-Friday.
  • If you have questions about courses, there is a Frequently Asked Questions page here.
  • Part of the goal was to create a clean, focused site easy for people to navigate and find what they are looking for. If you can’t find something, please contact me here or email me at melissa@thecreativeseason.com
  • The focus of The Creative Season is creating art and courses for busy women who are working to add more creativity and beauty into their season of life. I’m planning on doing some more work around color theory and seasonal archetypes later this year or early in 2020, but it’s not the focus right now. If you’re looking for info on the seasonal archetypes, go to this page. I’ve included several links to blog posts written in the past.
  • My art will be moved from the Etsy shop to the website over the summer. I’ll send out a notification when that happens. In the meantime, you can find all the art here, including the recent ‘Beloved Series’ collection.
  • There are Joyfilled Journaling courses and live workshops coming later this year! Notifications will be coming through the email. Sign up below to receive updates and early bird notifications.

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