Journaling Ideas for March

Spring brings a fresh energy that is unlike any other time of the year. This is a great time to look at habits, goals, dreams and be okay with letting things go if they’re not working. Sometimes the closet needs a spring cleaning. Sometimes I need to do a spring cleaning on other areas of my life!

Don’t be afraid to let things go and welcome other things in, whether it’s doing something like changing up the way you journal, using a different color palette, letting go of the craft materials you haven’t used in five years or going to a group meetup to do joy-filled journaling in a group setting.

For visual journalers, this is a great month to grab your phone or camera and print out a couple of pictures.

Cut them out, stick them in your journal and write a few things about them:

  • The date of the event when the picture was taken (it’s crazy how fast we forget dates!)
  • Who is in the picture, they’re ages (if relevant)
  • Name of the venue
  • Why you love the picture, why it makes you smile
  • Describe what’s happening. Think of taking a journalist stance: who, what, why, when, where and how. Or think of the senses: smell, vision, hearing, touch, taste

If you did this once a month for a year, that would be twelve visual journal entries highlighting a special memory each month! Using pictures to create journals is a wonderful way to cement memories and highlight things we’d rather not forget.

For Written Journaling:

Write about a change that is on the way for you. Is it something that is entirely out of your control or can you exercise some effort in seeing it happen? Perhaps you’ve been trucking away at something and it’s not here yet…but you can feel it coming through if the perseverance continues. Write about what you’ll feel when the new thing comes to pass.

  • Dream of spring: Write a list of the joys of spring you’re anticipating. What are some things you want to enjoy before spring turns to summer? Can you begin to make some plans now for the hike or the day trip to the spring location, the craft fair, the musical?
  • Journal about your favorite memory of the month. What are ten beautiful things you’ve witnessed in the world around you?

For Joy-Filled Journaling

Is your manila folder getting full? I’m gearing up to start putting together my first journal of the year.

Here are some things to do to get ready:

  • Print out pictures on your computer (or send them to Walmart or your fave printing place)
  • Identify what book you’ll be using
  • Are you using paper scraps or starting fresh?

If you don’t have paper scraps, grab a paper pack from Michaels, Joanne’s, Hobby Lobby or your other favorite craft store. You can also print digital downloadable paper. I have some in my Etsy shop here. There are many options to choose from. It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole looking for just the right one. I recommend choosing a color palette that you’ll enjoy using and that isnt’ too busy. You want to complement, not distract, from your journaling entries, pictures and other memorabilia.

I’ll be back next month with my first of the year Joy-full Journal.

Plus…I have a big announcement to make soon. Not big-BIG, but you know, fun and exciting! Are you on the email list? That’s how you’ll hear about it first!

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