What to Paint in February


In January, I started off the month with Paris and quotes. Quotes are fun and fairly quick to create. Sometimes I need that juice, the energy that comes from quickly creating something bright and colorful and fun without too much effort.

This month my heart is still in Paris. My next collection has a strong Parisian theme and I’m so excited to share it later this month! In the meantime, I’m working through quick, watercolor sketches of Paris, the Eiffel Tower and sunsets.

What about you? Is there a place, subject matter or person who lingers in your mind? Have you considered putting it on canvas or watercolor?

This month, the theme is quick and sketchy watercolors. Don’t make anything too big or too detailed. We’re going for the essence, the feel of a piece.

I’ll be sharing some of mine on Instagram. Please tag me (@melissa_auclair) if you are joining in for #februarypainting or if you are working through a #paintingplan2019 as I wrote about it in this post.

To paint loosely with watercolor, it’s best to go quickly which means that the paint may not dry entirely before you move on to a different area. This can result in bleeding.

Try not to let the bleeding bother you. It is quite endearing in sunsets and flowers. If it gets too messy, use a fine tip pen to do a bit of sketch outlining, like I did with the Eiffel Tower in the romantic couple watercolor.

Here are a few other ideas:

  • Paint your favorite city with that sketchy, loose watercolor feel.
  • Paint your home in the winter theme
  • Paint rows of hearts. Enjoy the repetitive motion of the curves, adding drops of paint to create depth of shape. These will be great to use as cards, bookmarks or paper for your journals, card or scrapbook projects.
  • Paint a picture of a couple. Faces seem too intimidating? Paint them looking away from you, for example, looking into the sunrise.
  • Did you love painting the quotes last month? Do some more this month, Valentine style. Mail them to friends or those who may need a boost of cheerful encouragement this month.

If you paint your home, plan to paint it again in spring, summer and fall. Won’t that make a lovely collection at the end of the year?

If you’d enjoy painting Paris, there is a free mini-workshop available. Check it out on the homepage of www.thecreativeseason.com It takes less than an hour to do.



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