Journaling Ideas for February

So  many wonderful things to journal about in February! Here are some ideas on what to journal in February:

  • About slowing down – in nature and in life
  • Favorite Valentine’s Day memories from childhood
  • What we’re looking forward to this spring (it’s almost here!)
  • Things we don’t miss out in the winter
  • Fun project: Send some snail mail full of love and hearts!

The newness of the year has worn off by February. We’re in the thick of winter and it can be a dreary time of year with endless rain, snow (in the more northern areas) and temperatures colder than we’d like. Even though winter is hard to bear for month after month, there is important work happening underground. Essential work. A world without winters would wreak havoc on nature.

In the “modern” world, we tend to go 24/7. We’ve lost the rhythm of the seasons in many ways and that is to our detriment. We need to take time for rest and recovery. Just like athletes need to rest after sweaty, intense practice, we need to rest. Just like the trees and some animals go into hibernation for winter, so do we need to take time to rest and recover. Winter forces us to slow down just a bit by throwing snow, sleet and rain our way.

  • Is there an area in your life that has slowed down due to the winter? What good things might be happening under the surface of the apparent slowness.
  • Take a walk in a park, your neighborhood or nature area. Look at the details of the trees, the shrubs, the walkways. The bird nests that were hidden by leafy trees now are visible. What is beautiful about winter? What do you imagine is happening under the dead appearance? Look for something that surprises you about the area, something you may not have noticed previously.

Regarding the things we don’t want to miss out on in winter…journal about your favorite winter memories as a kid. How about now as an adult? Is there anything that would be lifegiving to do (i.e. board games for a day, spend an evening reading books, take a weekend trip to the snow). It’s always a good time to create new memories.

Valentines Day is a fun, Hallmark holiday and a good reason to eat some chocolate and send some snail mail!

In the middle of what is often a dreary month, weather wise, decorating snail mail with bright pink and red washi tape, stickers or your own doodling can be a respite from the dull scene outside.

Think of some of your favorite people. Journal a few things about why you love them so. Cut out the journal (or write it on a card) and send it to them on a Valentine style piece of stationary or card. You’ll make their day!

I have some fun stickers I use on cards each February, these darling cats and dogs holding flowers and boxes of chocolate in their mouths or balanced on their heads. They give me a smile just looking at them.  Stickers are a fun way to brighten up the blandest of days. Or, if you created some fun quote cards (like I talked about in the January Painting post) those might be fun to send out.

Valentine’s Day cards don’t have to be wordy or over the top. You can include simple sentiments such as, “You’re in my heart this month,” “the winter weather has me down and I decided to drown myself in red and pink for a mood boost!” It doesn’t have to be super sentimental unless you want your cards too.

It’s a wonderful time of year to get a card in the mail. As a journaler, you have the aptitude of writing. Sharing that gift with others is a joy, for others and you. Sometimes, I’ll cut out hearts made out of heart/romantic/chocolate scrapbook paper and enclose them in the cards I send out in February.

For a creative journaling prompt, remember back to when you were little. Does a specific memory stick out? Or maybe a general memory….like the feeling of staring at all the rows of Valentine’s Day cards and having to make the awfully hard decision of choosing only one box! Would it be Peanuts or Barbie this year?

Sometimes I’ll buy a box of Valentine’s Day cards to stick in my mail just for fun! Besides, Valentine’s Day cards make great bookmarks.

If you’re journaling about what books you’ve read, don’t forget to update your journals this month. I started doing this in 2019 when I realized I couldn’t remember what I read last year. Plus, I’d like to read more biographies and good mysteries this year. It’s fun to keep a journal about what I read, what I loved (and didn’t love).

Some of the prompts this month come from my upcoming book, “Journaling through the Seasons.”

If you’d like to be on the list to hear more information about the book, sign up in opt-in box. You’ll be the first to hear when it’s available. Journaling is an important part of my life. It’s helped in so many ways. I’m excited to share more as the year goes on. The goal is for this to be a visually gorgeous book as well as an encouraging guide to creating joy-filled journals.

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