What to Journal In January

What to journal in January?

  • Start with a list of hopes & dreams
  • Journal about your wildest hopes & dreams, not just the expected (and sometimes dull) resolutions or responsible goals, but the dreams in your heart you rarely speak of
  • Feeling a bit weary from all the work of the holidays? Journaling listicles are fun and can open the mind to new ideas without feeling like it’s overworking. I’ve included a download of 30 ideas and listed out (haha) a few of my favorites.
  • Print out a picture from your phone each week, cut it out, tape it in your journal and write a few sentences about it.

This is a great month to buy (or pull out) a new journal and start the year. If you’re new to journaling or you need to some extra inspiration, check out this journaling post that will give you an idea of how easy it is to start a  journal and how to keep going.

If creating a Joyfilled Journal is too photo and decorative intense, consider printing a few pictures each month, taping them inside your lined or bulleted journal and jotting a few sentences about them, even a few words. (Include the date! It’s amazing how quickly dates blur in one’s memory).

Do you ever scroll through the photos on your phone and remember what you’ve forgotten? I know I do. Printing out a picture each week is an easy way to keep a physical journal that will be fun to reflect back on in years to come.

I love journaling and January is a beautiful month to start a fresh paper journal. I started a new journal at the beginning of this month.

When to find time to journal? Finding a time that works all the time is hard. This month started out with a good amount of travel at work and I took advantage of that. Often when I’m on a plane, I’ll pull out my journal. Something about being that high up is good for writing, jotting down notes, frustrations, things I’m puzzling over, the good things that are happening, etc.

Sometimes the mornings work well. I get back in bed with a cup of coffee and my journal, set the time for ten or fifteen minutes so I don’t get too off schedule.

If you like the idea of easing into the year with journaling lists, here are a few ideas:

  • Keep a list of the books you’ve read or would like to read this year.
  • Create a list of friend gatherings you attended to this year. Pause and reflect on the goodness of friendships. Create a list of one one word descriptions of a dear friend.
  • Write a list of the ten things your best friend is amazing at. Copy the list and send it to him/her.
  • Write a list of your favorite activities to do during the summer.
  • In each season, create a list of your favorite things of the season
  • Create a listicle vision board in your journal: write down a bulleted list of everything you’d like to do in the next year. Don’t limit yourself, it can be everything from paying off a credit card to walking 500 miles to visiting all your aunts and uncles. Write until the page is completely filled.
  • Create a list of all the countries you’ve visited. What’s the favorite memory from each one?
  • Create a list of all the vacations you can remember.
  • Write a list of your favorite memories with your sibling. Copy it and mail/email it to them.
  • Write a list of 7 things your child (children) are great at. If you don’t have children, write a list for nieces, nephews or other significant children in your life. Mail it to them.
  • What makes the ideal dinner gathering? Create a list. Plan a gathering in the next three months. Then journal about it.

If you’d like a list of 30 ideas for listicles, sign up in the pop up box. You’ll have a downloadable/printable

For Joyful Journalers

I finished the Joyful Journal for the 2nd half of 2018 the first week of January and I must say: I need to do that more. The journal is HUGE. It’s so thick, it won’t close well. In 2019, I think I’ll create three journals (instead of the two I created this year).

The holidays could have taken up one Joyful Journal all in itself. Note to self for this year.

Here are a few pictures.  My goal with my Joy-Filled Journals is to create a visual journal of the year along with notes. I want it to be pretty, but not too perfect. Details and exact measurements are not my forte. If I start obsessing about having things perfect, I won’t have a good time and it probably won’t get done!

I used envelopes and large clips to secure letters and other items that wouldn’t fit on the page. The papers are bright and colorful, scraps from other projects.

If you wanted to make a journal more cohesive in color, craft stores offer gorgeous packs of paer with multiple designs within the same color palette. This gives your joy-filled journal a very together look without looking overly stylized.

One more…

The goal of the Joy-filled Journals is to look back and collect the memories in a succint and semi-organized way. The stack of random stuff is condensed into a single book. Creating the book often helps me relive memories. As I glued, taped, cut and decorated, there was a sense of gratitude for the year, the good things and even the events that held a bitter tinge.

And, I’ve started to collect items for my next journal in the old reliable manila envelope!

How about you? Please tag me on Instagram @melissa_auclair with your #joyfuljournal and #joyfilledjournal journal pages. Let’s make 2019 a year to  be present it, to soak in the many gifts surrounding us. It’s going to be a great to be encouraged and to encourage others.

Happy New Year!

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