Create a Thankful Board on the Wall

It’s so easy to focus on what’s going wrong. Right now, there are fires burning in multiple places in California. The smoke covers the cities and towns for miles and miles in all directions.

It’s funny though. People are pulling together, donating time, money and resources to help those in need. Disasters are funny that way. They remind us of what is important and really, what isn’t important at all. Nonetheless, I found myself tapping on the news dozens of times a day and having a hard time getting myself out of constantly thinking of the disaster.

What was needed was to do something to keep moving forward and refocus on the many things to be thankful for.

I needed a visual practice this year to remind me of all there is to be thankful for. So, I started a thankful wall. I was going to do a collage, but I was running out of time to make a mess (we’ll leave that for some of the Christmas projects coming up).

I took a string of lights and outlined a frame. Then I tacked on some leaves for a loose, fall-ish look. And then I began to stick on….

  • Photos of people, places I’ve been and activities I’m thankful for
  • Sticky Notes of People, things and other things I’m thankful for
  • Cutouts from magazines, journals, etc that remind of what I’m thankful for
  • Some autumn décor to give it the Thanksgiving festive feel

Each day I’m adding more things. A sticky note with the name of a friend and a reminder of the life-giving dinner we had. A letter from my beloved Grandma. I’ll continue to add to it all week.

I think this could be really fun to do with your spouse or kids. You can do it between now and Thanksgiving …list all the things you’re thankful for and then see what each other writes and add to it day by day.

It can be quite random, but by the end of a week, think what a beautiful arrangement this will be!

I’d love to see your Live Thankful Board. Tag me on Instagram @melisssa_auclair and use the tag #LiveThankfulBoard

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