New Christmas Watercolor Workshop

It’s getting to be the most wonderful time of the year.

Also, the busiest, craziest, quickest time of the year, right? Insert the sobbing emoticon right here!

One activity that brings some calm to my life each year is continuing the practice of creativity and play.

I’m thrilled to invite you to ‘Enter In: Creating a Season of Comfort & Joy.’ It’s a watercolor course where we will be painting homes and spending time playing with watercolor, festive ideas and letting ourselves enjoy the sweetness of the season.

There are 4+ hours of content. You can go through all the lessons or bounce around to do the ones you choose.

We’re going to create charming paintings of ‘home at the holidays.’ As we paint these imaginary homes, I’ll share a bit of my story about finding joy and home right where I am, (wherever this season finds me) and some of the heart things muddling around my heart this season.

The focus of this course will be shapes and color to create eye-catching, comforting art pieces.

We’ll talk about how to create depth in our paintings and what to do when it seems like our paintings are destined to be discarded (this happens to me ALL the time). The subject matter will be homes in winter scenes with Christmas trees and wreaths and snowmen. Oh. What. Fun.

It’s going to be a holiday hoopla and I’d love for you to join us.

It’s open for all levels of watercolor. It will help if you played with the medium before, but if you haven’t, there will be a video and written lesson for what you’ll need for class and some hints to help you soar! We all start somewhere, and I’ve found we learn the best when we dive in and start learning.

What’s Included:

  • Intro lesson & welcome video from myself
  • Intro Lecture to the Seasonal Archetypes: This is nature’s system for creating color combinations. I have found it so helpful to use the four archetypes to created endless creative and eye-pleasing color combinations.
  • 5+ hours of video content
  • Fun AUTUMN home. Start the season by creating a home of Thanksgiving, a perfect way to start the season of celebrating.
  • Content is focused on painting homes, winter scenes, décor, snowmen, wreaths, watercolor and a few animal friends!
  • A bonus video lesson of creative ways to gift – or keep- your artwork during the holiday season and beyond.
  • Exclusive Facebook group (for the course of the live class) to meet other creative friends, share artwork and receive encouragement

To sign up for the Enter In Workshop, you can go to the workshop page here. There’s an early bird special of $39 when you sign up before November 12.

After November 12th, the class will be $49.

You’ll have access to this class for life (as long as I’m continuing The Creative Season) so you can go through this workshop at your own pace! No need to hurry through 🙂

Class starts on November 12th. You’ll receive access to the course that day with several lessons. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be adding in some additional sessions I’m working on. You can choose to do the workshop in sessions or spend a few hours one evening in your own Santa Claus style creative workshop!

I hope to see you there! I can’t wait to create with you this holiday season.

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