How to Infuse Elegance Into Your Brand Style with Purple

For centuries, purple has been the symbol of luxe and high fashion. I once heard a teacher joke that if there had been shopping malls in first century Rome, instead of ‘White House, Black Market,’ we’d have ‘Purple House, Purple Market.’

Today, we still associate purple with prestige, nobility and mystery.

Depending on how it is used, purple can convey a sense of royalty or glamour in the world of fashion, design, business or nature. Think of fields of lavender and purple flowers or gorgeous tropical fish or a brilliant pink-purple sunset.

Using Purple to Convey a Life Rich in Relationships & Clarity: Business Owner Spotlight

Patti  Marr is a business coach who helps women grow their small businesses “bigger and broader.” She helps her clients experience more richness in their lives by expanding their businesses with a sense of calm. She helps eliminate chaos and frustration.

Consider your own feelings and frustrations in your business. When we’re doing it all (as we often are in beginning stages of business), there’s a sense of overwhelm and fatigue right along with excitement and anticipation. We often lack the sense of open space and freedom- what we want, but don’t yet have.  Feeling chaotic and overwhelmed takes away from the feeling of a rich life- rich in relationships, space and opportunities- that we desire.

Patti’s goal is expressed in her tagline and felt in her colors: an elegant, cool purple and turquoise.

Don’t you feel a bit of calm and serenity just looking at this? What other feelings come up?

Patti positions herself as the coach who can help her clients expand their businesses without going crazy! Potential clients get a feel for her and her coaching style just by looking at the website and the feelings the colors evoke.

Having met Patty in person, I can tell you she does bring a sense of calm and joy to the people she meets! Coaching is a very personal business. If you’re a coach, you are the business (vs. a product driven business where the owner has more separation from the business itself in the public eye).   The closer you are to the business, the more you want to make sure when people meet you, they have the same feelings with you in person as they did originally online. This creates a deeper connection and credibility.

Notice how Patty chose a sweater for her head shot that matches beautifully with her brand style. Lovely, elegant, organized, calm.

Another good reason to be yourself, in business and in life!

If you’d like to learn more about Patty, you can visit her site at her website.

Purple in the Seasonal Archetypes

Purple shows up as a lighter, warmer violet in spring. It will most likely be a subordinate color in this palette.

In summer, it can be a cool lavender or a deep, dark blackberry.  The deep purples accent cool beiges and blushes very nicely and they complement turquoise very well. The purple Patty has picked falls under the summer-linked purple.

In autumn-linked branding, purples range from a very deep eggplant, that royal purple we may associate with European royalty to a deep pink-purple fuchsia, one of my favorite varieties.

Purple in winter is on the cool blue side, think of grape jelly or neon purple colors.  Compare the shade of purple to black and white. Does it seem to pop against these colors? If so, it’s a winter-linked purple.

One of the most spell binding scenes I’ve come across was during a summer camping trip early June in Lake Tahoe. We were going for a walk on a trail and unexpectedly came across a field of the most gorgeous purple flowers. They weren’t lavender, but they had that style and sense about them.


I remember stopping and staring and thinking to myself that I had never seen anything so beautiful in the natural world. Part of the beauty of the scene was the surrounding colors, the deep green of the field and the mountains behind them. The sky was a cool blue.

Once again, nature reveals its wisdom in the colors of the season. They always go together harmoniously. On that summer day, spring had just started to wane (it was early June) so there had only been about a month of heat, the robust spring colors were just slightly faded and there was a coolness in everything.

3 Ways to Increase the Elegant Luxe Side of Your Business Personality with Purple

  1. What words best describe how you want people to feel when they experience your offerings?  Do they include: elegance, luxe, relaxed, taken care of, quality, exotic, rare, rich (not necessarily money, can be richness of community, conversation). You may want to add in some purple to emphasize those values.

Always keep in mind, what do I want the people looking at this to feel? What feelings am I wanting to communicate? To connect with?

  1. A little can go a long way. Perhaps adding in some photos with purple in them will create the sense of mystery or elegance you want. Don’t do a complete brand overhaul!

It’s not necessary to completely change your brand or logo. Being very intentional about the pictures we use in blog posts, social media, podcasts, etc. can create the connection and feel we want. The key is being intentional and consistent.

Always keep coming back to the thought, ‘what am I trying to help my clients feel?’ ‘What do they want that I can provide them with and how do I communicate that?”

  1. A deep purple adds an elegant understatement and supports other, brighter colors.

Eggplant purples in the summer-linked archetype and plum or maroon based purples in autumn make for elegant foundational colors. The autumn-linked purples can create a sense of mystery and moodiness to a theme that’s a lot of fun.

I love this photo; it’s a gorgeous array of autumn plum and purple colors. See how the elegance of the deep purple adds a beautiful depth to the frosting on the cake. The woman is even wearing purple-plum nail polish and lacy top under the sheer blouse. There’s a sense of rich elegance to the whole thing.

wedding cake

Purples work fantastic in a real moody, subtle-luxurious brand. I think of purple in autumn leaves or eggplant or different colors of plums and pomegranates. There is a lot of varieties in the shades of purple, especially in the summer and autumn palettes. In summer, I think of all the different kinds of berries: strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, huckleberries. Think how pretty a bowl of red and pink tinged berries looks when you throw in the luscious purple blackberries or marionberries. Add in a bit of whip cream or granola and yogurt (whatever you like) and doesn’t it feel like a luxurious dessert?

That’s the power of purple. It takes everyday things like bowls of berries and autumn leaves and infuses them with elegance.

Use Pink with Power

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