7 Ways to Make Your Brand More Powerful (without a complete overhaul)

I want to finish up this mini-series on the winter-linked business brand with ideas on how to super-charge the look of your business style with winter-linked power.  (You can read the first two parts of the series, the overview and the case study here).

Perhaps, as you’ve read through this series, you realized your business is most definitely a winter-linked business, but you don’t look or feel like the bold, cutting edge business you really are.

For many of us, the idea of overhauling our  current website, business cards, marketing materials, social media, etc. is enough to send us back to bed! It’s so much work.  At best, we look away and put it on our to-do list for next quarter, next year, etc.

There is good news!  I’ve written up a semi-short list of things you can do without a complete overhaul of your current branding. ‘Brand’ is a generic, rather cliché term for ‘feel.’ A business brand gives a feel existing and future customers will be attracted to and want to embrace.

So a better question might be, “how can we make your winter-linked business brand feel more of those winter qualities?

7 Ways to Increase the Feel of a Powerful, Beautiful, Winter-Linked Business

  1. Remove as much extraneous color as you can from the website and marketing materials.

Pulling out excess color, especially muted or toned down colors that distract from the clarity of winter- can be a game changer in a winter-linked business brand.

This can do wonders, especially if there is a lot of pastel and warm colors on your website, print materials, business cards, etc.  The winter-linked brand is bold and too many colors tend to dilute the message and feel of the clearness of the winter-linked brand.

If you have a lot of print materials already made, you’ve got to consider if it’s worth it to scrap them and print up new ones with the changes. Remember,  people respond to colors and elements on a very subconscious basis.

It’s much easier to achieve a bold look with more focus on fewer colors.

If you’re logo has several colors, that might not be doable to change. BUT, can you change the rest of the photos and colors to diminish excess color. A winter-linked business is not moving in a lot of different directions, they are following a single line, purposeful, efficient, self-assured.

  1. Remove stock photography that doesn’t emphasize the feel of the brand.

I realize in a visual driven society, it seems bizarre to remove images from your website, blog posts, etc, but they do take away from the brand when they don’t fit. Most importantly, they confuse customers. Customers quickly click away from websites and social media. It’s essential we express the essence of the brand as soon as possible.

A winter-linked brand will do better with a few focused images  than multiple images in the colors of spring, summer and autumn.

  1. If you have multiple colors, pick one or two main colors and focus on it in your website, social media, etc. for a while.

Think Tiffany’s Jewelry, Chanel, Apple, New York Times and the way they use a few colors with boldness.

  1. If you use stock photography, choose pictures by the same photographer- buy several (even if they look alike) to use.

Using similar photos with the same colors will  emphasize the feel of your winter-linked business, increasing the feel of authority of your business.

materials, etc.

  1. Add black or white.

Both of these colors give the immediate sense of strength, starkness, confidence. Changing this one element in your design can do wonders.

This bedroom highlights the elements of a winter-linked design: start, bold colors, geometric shapes, strong contrasting colors. The green plant is the only sense of warmth in the room!

A note about fonts: Some of the WordPress themes I’ve used have a gray or blue font, which gives a soft impression.  If this is your default font, change it to black.

  1. Remove neutral colors.

Neutral colors (beige, brown, taupe, sand, cream) don’t convey the bold and modern look the winter-linked business needs to convey.

  1. Don’t be afraid of space.

Clutter is unbecoming to the winter-linked business.  Space gives the impression of control, focus and confidence.

Final Thoughts

I hope this mini-series on winter-linked businesses has been helpful. Recall that the winter-linked business encapsulates ‘personality traits’ such as being on the cutting edge, modern, powerful and going by the beat of their own inner drum.

The underlying foundation of the feel and values of winters and its colors, shapes and elements, is cool, dramatic, geometric and bold.  I’m going to share five ways you can strengthen your winter-linked business brand to help you feel more confident, bold and dramatic.

Either you or web designer/graphic designer can do these business styling changes. It may  cost some time and money, but doesn’t require an overhaul of your brand. These few tweaks can make a difference and help communicate the feel until you have time to really focus.

It’s not necessary to cram every corner of the brochure or landing page with words and pictures. Capitalize on the mystery of the winter-linked brand! Less really is more. You’re  the owner of an influential, powerful brand. Own it.

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