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When I started 2016, I was in a bit of a rut creatively speaking. A lot was going in my personal life. A lot was going on in my career. And I was starting a new business, which was the one thing I really, really wanted to do, but I was also feeling fairly uninspired and just meh.

I knew it was important to keep going and not give up. As I looked back over 2016, one thing that moved me from ‘meh’ to getting the creative juices flowing again was the Blog Power and Inspire Me courses from Blogging Your Way.

Blogging Your Way is a site run by Holly Becker of Decor8, a gorgeous interior design and lifestyle site. Besides running her own lovely design and lifestyle blog, Holly teaches bloggers and creatives through Blogging Your Way online courses.  I took a class back in 2011 or 2012, I can’t remember now and have stayed on the email newsletter.

Holly’s calm, cool and creative demeanor really spoke to me at the beginning of 2016. I signed up for the spring course of Blog Power. As soon as it started, I knew it was what I needed.

There are three things I really love about the BYW courses: the depth of the content, the practical parts, and Holly herself.

The content: Holly has owned her own business for many years. She has done many incredible things and continues to grow and change her business, which I find very inspiring.  She has stayed in her business, but changes things up all the time, making her stuff feel fresh and inspired. The content she provides and the guest teachers she brings in know their stuff.

Holly has a method of teaching that I call, ‘teaching from the inside out.” lt’s not a tactile class filled with a bunch of lists to check off. It typically starts with some form of assessing where we are, paying attention to the signs life is giving us, getting back to where our hearts and lives are calling to us.

Then Holly gets down to business.

Whether teaching solo or bringing in others, each starts with things to think about and then provides practical ways to work it out in our lives and businesses.

The practical: The BYW courses are filled with action-packed content. Recently, Holly started adding more podcasts and webcasts; she’s always done that (if I remember correctly), but in the past it was mostly written content. Now there’s a wide variety of ways to consume the information for every learning style.

She is action oriented; she doesn’t want her students to learn and not do anything! She wants people to take what they learn, do something with it, and let others know how they are growing. For example, in the last class of 2016, one of the assignments was to create a mood board of where we saw our own business going based on the work we’d been doing in class. The exercises got us out of theory only and starting to work with the concepts Holly was teaching.

Holly:  Holly is down to earth and practical, enthusiastic and inspiring, kind of a ‘voice of reason’ on the internet. I think about things differently after listening to her teach. Holly moved from the United States to Germany some years ago. Her life and travel + business savvy and creativity brings an international perspective that I don’t get in a lot of other places. There’s absolutely no hype about Holly- she shares and encourages, but she doesn’t push. She says things how they are, sets a high bar, doesn’t make or take excuses and lets people be who they are.

Holly’s classes are aimed for creatives in the online world, especially for those who have websites and blogs. The subject matter is not as important, I’ve seen all sorts of backgrounds and interests in the forum.

A few pieces of housekeeping about the course:

– For the most part, the courses are aimed at creatives who are working online and have a website with a blog and have a few social media accounts.

-The courses typically run for about three weeks and the content is available for 3-4 weeks after that.  The content comes down after that. I like this way of doing the class: it keeps me active with the classes and participating. There is homework, but it’s optional. Sometimes I can’t do everything, but I do what I can and there’s no pressure to do it all if you can’t.

-The classes range from $99 to $129, extremely reasonable for the experience Holly brings and the depth of the information.

The next Blogging Your Way course starts at the beginning of March and you can read the description of the class here.  If you feel like you’re in a bit of a creative rut or want to boost your blog up to the next level, I highly encourage the classes.

I do not have any sort of affiliation with Holly (I’m not getting any commission from writing a review of the class). She is a virtual mentor of mine and someone I’ve learned a lot from reading her blog, perusing her books and taking courses. I’m happy to promote her courses to others who may find her work beneficial.

Encouragement, inspiration and solid instruction are essential elements of growing a business and for that matter, living a good life!  There are many inspiring teacher online and sharing live classes. I hope you find classes you connect with, allowing you to grow even more in 2017.

What courses or workshops are you taking in 2017?



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