How To Create a Christmas Vision Board (you’ll actually use)!

I wanted to interrupt the normal blog flow with this post about creating a vision board for the holiday season. So often we get caught up in our work and in the end-of-the-year activities that we miss out on the wonder and the merry moments of the season. Creating a Christmas vision board helps me to keep an attitude of celebration in the chaos of the end of the year.

Creating a vision board can seem overwhelming or even a bit woo-woo, especially for the more practical among us. However, creating a vision board for the holiday season is a framework for the season, a way to identify the most important things and make sure we keep them front and center.

If you’ve never created a vision board before, the idea of the vision board is to put out what you want, your desires for the season onto a piece of construction paper or a canvas.

What media you use is completely up to you. Your board can be as fancy or as simple as you want it to be. You can use mod-podge and a canvas to  mat out the pictures and words for the season or take washi tape (or double sided tape) and arrange them items on a piece of computer paper or into your journal.

The Creative Season Christmas Vision Board

Take an Hour and Create a Visual Map for the Christmas Season

First, start with a bit of dreaming. Consider the possibilities of the season. Take 15 minutes to dream a bit. What would make this Christmas season memorable and meaningful for you and your family?  Is there something you want to do to finish off the holiday season well in your business?

For me, I have a few special experiences I want to have with some family and friends this year. I want to have a Christmas movie night with sisters and bake Christmas cookies together. I’m prioritizing some volunteer work.  And I really want to get Christmas cards out before Christmas this year. What about you?

I realize I could just put these activities on a calendar, but there is something that changes in me when I create a vision board of the things that stir my heart.

Once you’ve done a bit of dreaming, take your materials and pull out the ones representing you and your holiday season this year. You might need to take a bit of time to cut some words or pictures out of magazines. I find this time of year produces many magazines that are chock full of inspirational images. Another option is to print out a few pictures from your photos or even from Pinterest. Print out wallet sized photos to tape onto the page.

Is there a word that summarizes what you want this season to feel and be like this year?  Maybe certain words in magazines begin to sing out to you. Cut them and place them on the paper.

Christmas Vision Board The Creative Season

My 2015 Christmas Vision Board – definitely more conceptual, then specific goals. It can be as fancy and full or as simple and sweet as you like!

Begin to put your images, words, colors and illustrations on the paper. Take a few minutes to arrange and re-arrange. You may find as you go through this exercise that you want a more simple holiday this year and take things off. Or, you may begin to feel quite festive and discover that what would be meaningful to you is spending as much time with family and friends as humanly possible this year. Put it on.

2016 - this board is more casual and specific about what would make the season special.

2016 – this board is more casual and specific about what would make the season special.

Use this process of creating a Christmas/holiday vision board to guide you this season. Time goes by so quickly. It’s easy to get caught up in activity and the hustle of the season and miss out on the meaning. Creating a board helps keep you grounded. Be sure to place your Christmas vision board somewhere where you can see it often. Having it out in front of you is the reminder to your mind and heart of what is most important.

Revisit it. Check in with yourself and put things on your calendar and protect them so they go from being a dream on your vision board to a reality in your home.

When Christmas is over, pack up your vision board in your decor box. It is a lot of fun to pull out these boards from past years. Such precious memories!

Share Your Christmas Vision Board with Us

I would love to see your vision boards, journal pages and posters. Remember, the point is not to be the most fancy. It’s about putting your dreams and ideas down and setting them as a priority to guide our habits and hearts this season.  Find me on Instagram @melissauclair, email or on Facebook @thecreativeseason. Tag your photos #TCSChristmasVisionBoard so I can see and comment on your boards.  Happy Creating!

Here’s to a wonderful, low-stress, high-joy Christmas season!

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