Getting Your Business Ready for the Holidays

New date available! Saturday, November 12th we’ll be doing a second workshop (same content).

It feels weird talking about the holidays in October. After all, if you live in California like me, the trees are just now starting to turn colors.

But, if you’re a creative business owner, October is a crucial month to prepare for the holidays. In about two seconds, we’ll be turning the calendar to November, peeling the potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner and dragging out the boxes of decorations for Christmas while listening to Michael Buble and sipping peppermint mochas.

October is crucial to preparing your sales, marketing, photography, packaging, etc. so you can provide the products to the most people as possible without turning into the Stressed-Out Snow Monster. (She’s a distant cousin to the Abominable Snow Man, but with more gray hair and higher caffeine level).

The first year I had a product for Christmas I let myself get waaaaaaay  behind schedule. First, my production was off. That led to being incredibly behind on marketing the product to the people who were interested in it. Finally, the activities of the holiday hit hard and December flew by with me feeling more frazzled, less festive and less productive than I had in a long time.

Looking back I realized I could have solved  a lot of problems with some preparation and planning. And it would have been super helpful to do it in way earlier than December.

As a creative business owner, the holidays are our time to shine or stress out.  We’ve got a hundred ideas and lots of sparkle and enthusiasm, but our free spirited ways can prevent us from focusing on a few essential things to prepare for the holiday season sales, increase our profits and happy customer base while still celebrating the holidays without feeling completely crazy.

That’s why I’ve created the….

Holiday Preparation and Action Day

a half day workshop for the creative small business owner

Come and spend a few years with me on Saturday, October 22nd and get completely prepared for the holiday season.

We are going to:

  • Plan out your sales strategy: figure out what your sales are going to be, when you’re going to announce them and what your prices will be
  • Identify the sales and marketing that will best express your brand and resonate with your customers
  • Choose the marketing templates that you’ll use and put them on the calendar
  • Put everything on your calendar including your one day of prep (more on that later)
  • BONUS: We’re going to create the images we’ll need for social media, blogs and marketing right here in class. You’ll go away with at least six images and the know-how to make any more you’ll need.

You’re going to leave with a Holiday Action Plan plus have a lot of the work done for your holiday sales. Plus, we’re going to make sure your holiday sales are on que with your branding, giving you more credibility with your existing customers and setting yourself up for an amazing 2017.

Christmas illustration

Listen, I’m a chronic procrastinator. I have the best plans possible but always think I have more time than I do I try to cram too much in to the time, so excited about all the ideas that nothing gets done well.

A few years ago I made the same mistake AGAIN with a holiday related product. I was writing a  a Christmas novel and it barely came out before Christmas. It got done, but with waaaay too much stress. I hadn’t created any sort of plan to reach potential readers. The days leading up to Christmas went by fast, leaving me in a daze, as I scrambled to get everything together and problem solve unanticipated issues.

Who wants to read about tinsel and eggnog and kissing under the mistletoe after  the Christmas ornaments have been taken down? Me neither.  I vowed I was going to change my ways and start doing business prep and planning well before December hit.  I’m still a crazy woman the week of Christmas, making cookies until midnight, ordering gifts and seeing as many friends and family members as possible. But it’s now the kind of Christmas crazy I want 🙂  the kind centered around the people and activities most important.

Let’s spend a little time planning and prepping for the end of the year. We’ll be glad we did and so will our clients, family and friends.

If this sounds like the help you need to prepare your business for Christmas before the holidays hit, I’d love to see you in the workshop!  You can read more about it and sign up here:

If this sounds like just what you need, you can click below and be re-directed to PayPal to purchase your ticket.

October 22nd, 9:30-12:45 $49.00

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November 12th 9:30-12:45  $49.00

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