How to Finish 2016 Strong


A website crash last week delayed this post. Thank goodness for sites like Fiverr who have talented people to fix these things!  Instead of a 100 day goal, this is a 90 day goal from now until November 23rd.  And 90 days is still plenty of time to make progress before the end of the year!  I’d love for you to join me on this 90 day journey.  Don’t forget to leave a comment and post what you’ll be working on for the next 90 days. 

It’s hard to believe we are heading in to the last third of the year. Part of me is so very thrilled (holidays here we come) and part of me is terrified (what in the world happened to the first 2/3 of the year?!?).

Last week I wrote about #the100dayproject started by artist and author Elle Luna and discussed in the Elise Gets Crafty podcast. The same week I attended a local event here in Sacramento and heard speaker Jake Ballentine talked about the importance of working towards our goals in life. I loved his quote, “We hit what we focus on.”

I think that’s why I loved #the100dayproject. It’s basically a long obedience in the same direction towards the accomplishment of a goal. I decided that I wanted to start my own 100 day project, not to show something every day, but to push myself forward and gain some momentum on a project I’ve been wanting to do, but hesitant to start.

Elle’s journey encouraged people to a) create something each day and b) show it.

Personally, I won’t be showing something, but I may do a sneak peak or reveal periodically to share my progress. If you are embarking on your own 100 day adventure in pursuit of a goal, let me know. I’d love to check in on how you are doing.

Why bother doing 100 day projects like these?  There’s a few reasons that come to my mind. I outlined them somewhat extensively on this blog post, but to recap.

  1. Goals with distinct end dates drive us to push and finish something.
  2. One hundred days is enough time to complete a significant body of work or large project. It’s long enough to require stamina and a push through to the end, but……
  3. One hundred days is not so much time that we lose momentum and feel like the project is never going to end. It’s doable.
  4. 100 Days is enough time to develop creative “muscle” which will not only help us with our current project, but propel us towards future projects.

When I mapped out the time slot for a hundred days from August 15th, it hits the day before Thanksgiving (in the United States). I thought, “This is perfect, it gets my big project done right before the holiday goes into full time swing!)

My 100 Day Stretch Goal

I’m not  doing a project every day, instead, I’m going to write and publish a book in a hundred days. I’ve had a book in me brimming for the past several months, but I was feeling a bit intimidated. And, I knew that the book I wanted to create was going to take a bit more of a learning curve.

Basically, I’ve been procrastinating.

Now, I sense it’s go time for the book. Giving myself 100 days to complete it and have it ready to go is a stretch goal for me.

What about you? What kind of goal would you like to achieve in the next 100 Days? (or 96 days to end right before Thanksgiving)?

Is there a course or skill you would like to gain proficiency in?  Is there a product line you’re working on developing or a book that’s begging to get out of you? Perhaps your business would benefit if you taught workshops on your speciality? Would a new line or a design breathe fresh life into your company?

Comparison is the Death of Everything so Choose Something For Where You Are

Choose something that is a stretch goal for you, but still achievable. It’s important to have the wisdom to  know the difference between what will grow you and what will kill you.

Comparing yourself to others will be the death of you. I know from personal experience.

For example, take the book writing goal. I’ve written ten books (not all in publication at the time of this writing) in different genres. I am familiar with the process of writing a first draft, editing, finding an editor, designing a book cover with a designer, hiring a proof reader (s), etc. I know what deadlines I have to hit to create a book in one hundred days, how many words I need to write per day for the first draft etc.

Figure Out Your Goal by Working Backwards

If a book would be a boost to your business and it’s been on your mind to do- but you’ve never tried it before- then your process would look different.

Perhaps a stretch goal for you would be to write a first draft of a book in 100 days. Then you engineer the process backwards.

If your book is going to be 50,000 words, then to complete your goal, you’d have to write 500 words a day for 100 days.  Is that something that would stretch you, but still feel doable?

Alternatives include: shortening the word count of the book,  write 1,000 words on Saturday and fewer words Monday through Friday or persuading someone else to collaborate on the book with you which would divide your word count in half.

You get the picture. Pick something that is appropriate for where you are.

Perhaps you  are building a leadership team. I meet with many women in direct sales who have goals of a certain dollar of sales a month or recruiting others to join their team. A 100 day goal could include a goal of recruiting seven people or selling a certain amount of product.

Once again, word the process backwards.

Based on past success, how many networking events, training events, one on one meetings, etc. does it take to recruit someone?  If the average rate of recruitment is one person out of every eight, you would need to have at least 64 meetings between now and November 23rd to hit your goal of eight recruitments.

I hope this encourages you in reaching a goal and finishing 2016 on a strong note. I know what it’s like to get to then end of a year and feel regret that an another year went by and I didn’t focus on accomplishing what was most important to me.

This 100 Day challenge is my way of challenging myself to finish 2016 strong.

How about you?

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