How a Well-Styled Brand Creates Conversations


So there I was, walking around at an event where I knew no one.

For many, not knowing anyone at a party is an adventure to be celebrated, but for us introverts…it’s a painful undertaking.

I got to the event. It was at the amazing California Rail Road museum. I spent the first few minutes avoiding all contact with humans and exploring the trains.

Then I spent the next ten minutes talking to the conductor, a fascinating gentleman who knew everything there was to know about the development of the railroads in California. We chatted about trains, early conductors and the the dangerous routes trains used to take to move passengers and products.

I sighed, realized now was the time I needed to actually talk. I’ve been looking for other women starting businesses in the area, talk about what I was doing and here what they were about. Five people. Talk to five people and then we can call the night a success.

I circled the room like a fish circling it’s round bowl, looking for a friendly face. I sipped on my water and trying to figure out if I had the chutzpah to try to break into one of the groups that were huddled in the middle of the room. Um, nope.

Finally my eyes spotted what I was looking for, someone who, like me, wasn’t talking to anyone.

Better yet, she had something we could talk about:  a gorgeous piece of jewelry.

The dark-haired, young woman  with a glowing olive complexion was wearing the most amazing deep blue and charcoal semi-stone necklace. It wasn’t a choker, but it wasn’t too long, it extended to her collar bone, the spokes of the jewels extending in rays like the sun.  I love a jewelry with a bit of spunky personality to it. I headed her way and paid her a compliment.

One thing led to another and soon we discovered that we had quite a bit in common. Her necklace started off a conversation and then led to a connection.

Her necklace did what a well styled brand does: it positions you to attract the best potential clients and opens the door naturally for a conversation.

Having a great brand style is an introvert’s best friend.

It’s the calling card getting the attention of people you are best positioned to help and those who actually want your help.

The better styled a brand is, the more of the right people will first want to check you out. Checking you out leads to curiously ask some questions.

Finally, they’ll want to talk.

Or sign up for your enewsletter.

Or ask for a consult.

Or come to a workshop.

Not everyone will be the right match, but they’ll be the right type of person you’re made to serve.

Meanwhile, people who don’t like jewelry or appreciate it won’t even notice (usually. There’s still the person who makes a comment or is trying to be nice despite the fact they don’t like it). And this is perfect. You don’t want to talk to non-eclectic jewelry appreciators. You want the people who like jewelry.

So, I encourage you to take a peek at your brand through the eyes of the person or business you’d like to work with.

Action Time!

If you were them, what draws them into your workshop….website…Instagram….vendor table?

Then, what ONE action can you do this week to style your brand to create a conversation?

Remember, this isn’t manipulative. You have a valuable service, product, idea, etc. that will benefit other people. There’s gotta be a way to bridge the gap between you and them. Your brand is the bridge.

Let me know what one thing you do in the comments below.

p.s. I think Fiona Humberstone coined the term “style your brand.” Style is a synonym for design (a word that’s been overused ad naseum). I love the phrase and use it in my work. If you want to the DIY book on styling a brand, check out Fiona’s book, How to Style Your Brand. I don’t get any commission for it, I’ve found it to be excessively helpful in my own work and I love to pass on a great resource.

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