3 Reasons Why We Should Pursue ‘Impossible’ Things

It always seemsimpossibleuntil it'sdone.

Yesterday I sat and listened, laughed and teared up through one speaker after another at a two day conference I’m attending. I sat and scribbled notes as I listened to the struggles in many parts of these lovely women’s lives. It must have seemed impossible to see where their lives would go in the middle of such incredible adversity.

Many women shared how terrified they were at different times of their lives, the feelings of hopelessness they experienced, the depth of pain, the trouble that seemed insurmountable. They also shared the unexpected breakthroughs, the people who had been their support along the way, their own mind sets that needed changing, healing.

I’m embarking on a new journey right now, using my lifelong love of words, art and color to create a practical service of color and brand styling. It’s thrilling and terrifying all at the same time. In some ways, there are a lot of reasons to NOT do it. Building the beautiful business I have envisioned in my mind feels impossible in some ways. There’s a lot of doubt and questioning. I’ve failed at multiple businesses in the past and the bloody knees that came as a result is a good reason to send my risk averse self back into the land of safety and security.

There will always be a lot of reasons to hold back from pursuing hard things.

But  there’s so many reasons to stay, dig in our heels and pursue the impossible. Fresh off the first day of the conference, here’s a few reasons I thought of this morning.

  1. Pursuing ‘impossible’ things grows us in ways we couldn’t imagine.

As I grow the color branding and styling business, I’m meeting new people, asking people if I can speak at their groups and accepting requests to speak at other people’s events. The next big thing is to put on an event of my own this fall around color and brand styling.

I’m used to (and love) content creation. But writing blog posts and books wasn’t going to be the linchpin to get me going on this project. I need to speak and interact with people.

A few months ago I realized that if I didn’t start speaking and sharing and doing it on an accelerated level, I was not going to build the beautiful business in my mind’s eye or be able to help other women business owners create their own beautiful businesses.

I can start to feel myself changing as I get out and about more. It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time!

How about you? As you look back on your journey, cal you see the way you’re changing?

  1. Pursuing ‘impossible’ things gives permission and validation for the next generation to pursue hard things (and reject entitlement and minimalistic living).

I talk to my sisters about pursuing what was in their heart. One of my sisters in particular is very skilled in an area and she’s considering pursuing it as a career. But it’s unconventional and no one has done it in our family. I see the doubt in her face and hear the tension in her voice.

At one point, I realized I was telling them to do something that I wasn’t doing myself! Conversation is great, but it’s the living work done in front of other people that is the catalyst for helping them to realize they too, can pursue impossible things.

I don’t have children of my own at this time in my life, but there are a lot of children and adolescents in my life. I’ve come to see that one of the best things I can do is to pursue hard things in my own life and encourage and support them as they pursue hard things.

  1. Impossible things are only impossible until we get them done.

Isn’t this the truth?  How many times do we label something as impossible?  I do it all the time?  Starting a business, planning a family trip to somewhere none of us have ever been, buying a home with an art studio, helping bring an injustice to an end, the list goes on and on.

This conference is reminding me that impossible is more of a state of mind. Once I focus on the work and the people I’m serving, and not on my feelings or even on the mountain of the goal, progress happens.

Please don’t misunderstand me, tracking progress is essential.  We’ve  got to make sure we’re staying on track and getting somewhere! The trend I’ve noticed in my own life is focusing so much on the proverbial mountain that I allow fear and anxiety to grip me. I need to make periodic tracks measuring my progress, revisit the vision from time to month (quarterly) and the rest of the time there is one thing to do. Get busy doing and serving.

It’s hard to be filled with anxiety when I’m doing the work and serving people.

I’m off to the second day of the conference, but I wanted to share a few thoughts this morning. I hope this encourages you to pursue the impossible in your life!

Leave a comment and let me know the ‘impossible’ things you are pursuing in your own life!

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