How to Make Almost-Perfect Stripes with Masking Tape

stripes and flowersThere’s been so many cute striped patterns on journals and images. It’s all so fun. I thought the trend might go well as a background to some floral designs I’ve been playing with.

I was struggling to create a background I really loved with some floral watercolors. For whatever reason (it was probably an Instagram inspiration!), I decided to create some stripes.

It can be easy to put too much into the background of an image. I like to add stripes as a way to show off the design or image. The stripes can give it a bit of more of a punch instead of feeling like the background is draining the image.

To do this project, the original image should be painted on watercolor or other thick, textured paper. The masking tape will stick to regular paper or other craft types of paper.

masking tape and stripes

After your watercolor is completely dry, lay strips of masking paper horizontally over the image. I didn’t want a super perfectly symmetrical look so I did not measure the space between the tape.

Make sure the tape is stuck down well on the paper so the wet paint can’t get underneath and mess up the stripe!

Load the watercolor brush up with a good deal of paint. Once the paintbrush hits the paper, the goal is to fill in the space with one smooth drag of watercolor. We’re trying to avoid lines in the stripes that sometimes occur when the brush lifts off the paper. If you don’t have quite enough paint on there, simply add some more and sweep it back over the entire region to create a smooth surface, smoothing out any bubble or line that forms.

making green stripes!

Continue to do this until all the untaped spaces are filled. Be careful to paint around the image that has dried.  I use a tiny detail brush to paint carefully around the petals.

Let the paint completely dry. It’s tempting to pull of the tape prematurely, but please resist! If the paint is wet, it will dribble into the wet space and create an uneven stripe.

When it’s completely dry, carefully pull the masking tape off of the paper.

pink stripes and roses

Tada! A beautifully striped piece of art! Easy and fun!

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