HEre's How I create Happier, more Optimistic ARt

10 Ideas for Creating Happy Art

Some of the easiest (and most fun) ways to incoporate a happier, more optimistic feel in your art is to use lessons from nature: the seasonal archetypes.

1. The spring archetype is the the season of happy! Use the spring color pallete -bright, warm and light colors- to increase the happy factor in your art.

2. Incorporate 3-4 spring colors into your art: bright sky blues, lemon yellow, pinks, oranges, cinnamon brown, happy violets and spring greens.

3. Remove "muted" colors from your palette. These will weigh down a sense of optimism.

4. Paint in the beginning of the day, before opening the news, email, all of it. Ideas will be fresh and untouched by anything coming "at you." Try it for a few days.

5. Blue is universally a calming color. Use spring blues to bring a balance of calm against the brighter colors: oranges, yellows, pinks, etc.

6. Minimize white and black (as much as possible) in "happy" art. Use charcoal gray or gentle creams for neutral and grounding colors.

7. Spread the colors around the piece of art. to create an overall coehsive look. i.e. Take the blue of the sky and add that color blue to the windows, flowers, the swing hanging from the tree, mailbox, etc.

8. "Happy" shapes in the spring seasonal archetype are soft, rounded, curving. Minimize sharp edges.

9. Leave space. Don't feel the need to overcrowd the scene.

10. While this doesn't necessarily create happier art, doing a creative 'warm up' helps increase my energy and ideas. I'll cut ideas out of magazines or create simple quote art. If you'd like to learn more ideas on creating eye-catching art, be sure to sign up for more tips & inspiration.

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