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I am Melissa Auclair

Beauty, cheerful, lots of color, joyful, a bit of romance and adventure. These are the feelings and characteristics I want you to experience when you bring my art into your world, take one of the courses or create your own Joyfilled Journals.

My goal is to add to the beauty in your world, inspire you to dream and stay on the lookout for the joyful, even in the middle (perhaps especially in the middle) of mundane and regular living.

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These self-paced courses are ideal for the curious seeker who loves to learn from the comfort of their own home! Learn new skills, discover the artist within and create beautiful works of art when you take an online course with The Creative Season

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Browse through the latest collections of color drenched art and products by Melissa Auclair.

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The Creative Season workshops are designed to inspire, elevate creativity levels and bring like minded people together for a time of creative exploration, rejuvenation and accelerated learning. Workshops are offered at selective times throughout the year.

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Joyful Journaling

Capture your year on paper! Designed to be fun and efficient, Joyful Journals are for the woman on the go who wants to create a physical book of memories for the year, the special trip or iconic occasion. Join a workshop, take a self-paced online class and find tutorials for inspiration and direction.

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Seasonal  Archetypes

The ‘secret’ to creating gorgeous color combinations that catch the eye and emotions can be learned through the principles of the seasonal archetypes. Learn how the seasons teach us about color, emotion and the connection between them to create beautiful color palettes for your art, home design, wardrobe and much more.

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