A Very Merry Home

Melissa AuClair

I was sure this home was going to be a disaster. It went from okay….to oh my! to…..oh no!!!….to oh. well. I think I like you a little. Maybe a lot. Well, aren’t you darling? That’s how painting often is. It starts out with hope and excitement. Then, usually, it doesn’t quite go as planned. We’re afraid we’ve gone too far. But we can always clean things up. Add a little of this and that. TA-DAAAAA! The painting pops out in a way that surprises us! Don’t be afraid to go bold as you create this festive home. If red … Read More

Sunflower Splatter Art

Melissa AuClair

Sunflowers are unique in their ability to merge between summer and autumn. I love the way these happy flowers seem to thrive in the summer heat, yet also flourish as the weather cools down. There are huge fields of sunflowers near where I live. It’s one of the respites of a long commute in August: seeing the gorgeous sunflowers swaying in the breeze. Painting these regal flowers may seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. The most important thing to do is look at the flowers defining features: the big brown center ‘eye’ of the flower where all the … Read More

Joyful Journaling: Capture Your Year in Pictures

Melissa AuClairLeave a Comment

Joyful Journaling is a style of journaling that combines memory keeping + photo journaling + written memories to capture the memories, ideas and visions you have without the perfection of scrapbooking or high tech tools. We’ll also use the papers and bits of ephermea